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Why You Should Read Your Doctor’s Notes

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Finding New Doctors When You Move Is A Challenge

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Why Nurses Matter – A Personal Reflection

This past week I had a uniquely memorable and inspiring experience. I was invited to speak about my career path and the role I play as a private professional RN patient advocate. When I arrived at the venue, a small classroom lab at the College…
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Patient Advocacy’s Power in Giving Voice to Minority Clients

Racial Disparity in Healthcare COVID-19, with its large-scale impact on our entire country (and beyond), has exposed what many already know – the disparities in healthcare; and it propelled them into our consciousness! One of the disparities…
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Cultural Considerations in Health Care

Today, I repost this blog post from September 2019. Due to COVID-19 restriction, hospitals, and congregate-care facilities, and to some degree medical offices, often don’t allow anyone but the patient inside. Misunderstandings based on cultural…
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Ageism In The Health Care Setting

As Patient Advocates, we advocate for all people with any kind of a medical need. Many of our clients have complex medical conditions, but not all do. We have clients of all ages, but a large number of our clients are the elderly; these…