Dementia: The Other Pandemic And What We Can Do To Help

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The Cost of Senior Living Versus In-Home Care

“Can I afford senior living?” “Isn’t it cheaper to stay at home instead of moving to a senior living community?” “I’m still capable enough, why would I need to move into a senior community?” These are common questions we hear.…
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SAGAS – Seniors Alone Guardianship & Advocacy Services

Finally! After having worked so hard on making this happen, having been so “itchy” to share this great news with you, and getting started, here we go. We have a new baby!!! We are so very excited to officially announce the launch…
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Malnutrition and Senior Health

Diet, nutrition and their relationship to our health and well-being, or lack thereof, are known facts. Yet, unfortunately, many seniors are at risk of eating a diet lacking in nutrients, which in turn, can lead to malnutrition and health concerns. Inspired…
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Ageism In The Health Care Setting

As Patient Advocates, we advocate for all people with any kind of a medical need. Many of our clients have complex medical conditions, but not all do. We have clients of all ages, but a large number of our clients are the elderly; these…