A Day In The Life Of A Patient Advocate

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How A Patient Advocate Can Benefit Your Employees

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Patient Advocacy’s Power in Giving Voice to Minority Clients

Racial Disparity in Healthcare COVID-19, with its large-scale impact on our entire country (and beyond), has exposed what many already know – the disparities in healthcare; and it propelled them into our consciousness! One of the disparities…
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Cultural Considerations in Health Care

Today, I repost this blog post from September 2019. Due to COVID-19 restriction, hospitals, and congregate-care facilities, and to some degree medical offices, often don’t allow anyone but the patient inside. Misunderstandings based on cultural…
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SAGAS – Seniors Alone Guardianship & Advocacy Services

Finally! After having worked so hard on making this happen, having been so “itchy” to share this great news with you, and getting started, here we go. We have a new baby!!! We are so very excited to officially announce the launch…